St. John’s • A Community of Christian Stewards

Our parish is an extension of our homes. It is the physical and visible focal point of our faith. It is the challenge by which God gives us special graces through the sacraments. It is the public forum where we gather as a Christian community to give witness to Jesus.

Our parish gives us so much: the Eucharistic celebration, the initiation of Baptism and Confirmation, the soothing and strengthening help of Penance, the blessing of Matrimony, the comfort of the Sacrament of the Sick, the “belonging” of community, and the security and assurance of knowing we are a people favored by God.

These wonderful benefits elict a responsibility from each of us toward our parish as an active, living, sustaining institution. We fulfill this obligation by giving of our time, and talents, and by our adequate financial support – our treasure.

This giving of our time, talents, and treasure to our parish constitutes our stewardship. God has blessed us greatly. In gratitude and in faith we, as good stewards, return a portion of these blessings to further God’s work in our parish. Our parish community prayerfully strives to make stewardship not just a word, but our way of life as believing Catholic Christians.

We encourage you to consider the gifts of time and talent God has blessed you with, and consider offering them to the parish. We believe that the Lord invites us to offer 5% of our income to our parish and 5% to other charities of our choice.

To Volunteer:

For more information about volunteer opportunities at St. John’s, contact Donna Niosi, Administrative Assistant, at 617-773-1021, or by e-mail at