Family Religious Education Program

This year St. John and St. Joseph parishes will continue to partner for our Religious Education Program. Working together, our program is held at St. John’s and provides faith education to parishioners of all ages. Each parish brings its own gifts and talents to this program. Many of our families are already neighbors, attend the same schools, and participate in the same activities. This is an opportunity to share faith experiences that are so important in building strong families.

It is wonderful news that our religious education program has been growing! We have seen an increase from both St. John and St. Joseph parishes. Registration materials have been mailed to all families who participated in our program last year. This information is also available to download on this page. In order to plan for the upcoming year we are requesting that all registrations be returned by August 1st.

We hope that you will share this registration information and an invitation to join our program with other families, especially those who have students entering first grade or may have children that have missed some years of religious education. Please invite these families to contact us if they would like registration materials or may have questions about our program. There will also be registration materials available at the entry of each Church.

We look forward to working with your family again this year! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email us.


Religious Education Phone: 617-877-5014